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Bonding with Your Bump

It was late summer 2016 and I was heavily pregnant with my first son Daniel. Knowing that the due date was looming, I knew I couldn’t put off the task of preparing my hospital bag any longer. So, I got myself together, made a cup of tea and began the search of the hospital checklist.

After clicking link after link, I realised I had clicked my way to spa hotel deals in Thailand! So, I made another cup of tea and got focused. But this time, I found that everyone had an opinion on what you should take with you. The lists are literally endless. You could end up taking your whole house and you’d still end up needing something you didn’t pack.

After numerous discussions with my very patient husband (who eventually told me to “just get on with it”) I asked other mums what they had taken and with their advice, my own common sense and what I had read online, I created my own hospital bag. One that was tailored made just for me and my baby.

It ended up being one of the most precious experiences of my life. People may say that I’m over emotional about it and that “it’s just a bag”, but for me, it was the first time I had felt totally bonded with my bump. Choosing the tiny clothes and other bits my baby would need, washing them all and seeing them only taking up half the drying rack just filled my heart to bursting point. It filled me with total love. It’s something that I wanted EVERY mother in the entire world to feel and experience.

Everything I chose to pack was my decision for my baby.

Your Starting Point

And that is when the idea of The Baby Bag Company came to life. Giving you a true, practical hospital checklist and a starting point for preparing your hospital bag. A place where you can begin or strengthen your bond with your bump.

Style, Choice & Practicality

The idea of the baby bag company is to give mums and dads choice. You have the choice of creating your own bespoke bag, tailored made just for you and your baby. With a comprehensive and practical hospital checklist, you can pack as much or as little as you want.

And here at The Baby Bag Company, we really do have something for everyone, whether it be a gift or for yourself, we’ve got it covered.

Happy Bonding & Happy Packing

A lovely message from a happy customer, one of my favorites………

“Hiya, I just thought I’d send you a little email and say the baby bundle was an absolute lifesaver and I love it, my little girl was born on 11th August at 9.03am. After being in labour all night, I had to get rushed to hospital. In the rush we didn’t have the time to pack a bag and just grabbed the box of goodies and a few other necessities and was off, it was so easy to have it there packed and ready for me with no stress at all, the clothes are so soft and amazing quality, it was a big help and a weight off my mind. She weighed 8lb 12oz and is absolutely perfect, I can’t thank you enough for the bundle making it so easy for me in a stressful time :)” – Izzy Roberts